New Zn Multistep Hot Stamping Innovation

2018-10-24 10:49:00

ransfer press cycle times = cost reduction
? Laser cutting process eliminated = cost reduction
? Formability increased = more complex geometrical possibilities (Negative angles possible)
? Zn-coated material = Cathodic corrosion protection
? Tailored Properties as Soft-Zones, -Flanges, -Spots
? Similar mechanical properties to conventional 22MnB5
? No Microcracks > 10 ?m
? Prototypes available
? Serial production line ready by the beginning of 2018

Offering to support today¡¯s vehicle requirements, the most advanced and complete PHS solution.

? Size of part
? Wet area vs not
? Customer Pref
? Joining tech

Base material (~22MnB5) zinc coated (GA )
with chemical modifications:
Si (anti self tempering)
Mn (hardenability)
- Mechanical properties similar to standard PHS

Basic Research  Industrialization  Global Implementation

Multistep GA
(not hardened)
Multistep GA
(short dwell time)
Multistep GA
(mid dwell time)
Multistep GA
(long dwell time)

Basic Research  Industrialization  Global Implementation 

Process window and Industrial Validation
? Best forming temperature
? Microcrack containment
? Trimming/Piercing temperatures
? Mechanical properties
Material characterization analysis
? Mechanical properties
? Coating behavior and Corrosion
? Formability
? Bending tests
? Tribology
2. Process definition
? Heating possibilities
? Shot blasting
? Joining technologies (RSW/TWB)
? Tailored properties (Flex laser / TPP)

Line Kickoff
Procurement Process
New Basement for Existing Press Line
Manufacture New Zn MSHc Line
Move Existing Press Line
Utilities for New Zn MSHc Line
Assemble & Commission New Zn MSHc Line
Production Trials & Training
Ready for Serial Production

Basic Research  Industrialization  Global Implementation

Material cost  significantly different
? Limited  to 2000  ton, Bolster: 2.5 m x 6 m
? Good for parts with  significant  laser content and up to 4 parts /

ase material
? Modified version of the well-known 22MnB5
? Similar mechanical properties to 22MnB5
? Better formability at lower temperatures than 22MnB5
? Zn-coating GA
? Cathodic protection
? Lower friction compared to AlSi coated material  ? C omplex parts
? Suitable for direct hot stamping process
? Micro cracks under 10 ?m
? Hot Stamping process
? High productivity due to short cycle time (aim 2-3 seconds)
? No protective atmosphere required into the furnace
? Multiple hits -Possibility to produce complex parts, negative angles
? No Laser cutting is needed

Gestamp¡¯s historical performance

1) Gestamp Hardtech > 30 years expierence
2) Quadrupled # Lines since 2007
3) Co-Development Partner BIW content 1% -38%
4) Driving the tailored material properties

Gestamp ¡®growing¡¯ forward

1) 1st to break 10 s cycle time
2) 1st to in-die soft zone
3) 1st to Multistep & eliminate laser
4) 1st to Hot Stamping cost reduction

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