Advanced High-Strength Steel Technologies in the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

2018-10-31 11:48:00

? Multi-functional
? 8 Passenger Seating with Stow n Go ?
? Stow n Go Assist ?
? Heated & Ventilated Seats
? Heated Steering Wheel
? Power 3 rd Row

? Comprehensive Feature Suite
? ParkView? Rear Backup Camera
? Surround View Camera
? Forward Collision Warning
? Adaptive Cruise Control
? LaneSense ?  Lane Departure Warning
? ParkSense? Parallel/Perpendicular Park Assist With Stop
? KeySense? Programmable Key Fob

? Industry Leading
? 10 Seatback Touch Screens In 2 nd Row
? Blu-Ray DVD
? Wireless & HDMI Device Connectivity
? 7 TFT Instrument Cluster

? Modern & Stylish
? Tri-pane Vista View Sunroof
? 20 Wheels
? LED Accent Lighting
? Rotary Style E-Shift

? Efficient
? Hybrid Technology
? Hands Free Sliding Doors & Liftgate
? Easy Tilt 2 nd row Seats w/Child Seat Preserve
? Stow n Vac? Integrated Vacuum
? Capless Fuel Fill
? Push-Button Sliding Doors
? Keyless Enter n Go? Passive Entry / Push Button Start

All New Hybrid Technology
Most versatile and functional of any Hybrid in the market

Innovative Package Battery in center of vehicle
? No compromise to cargo objectives
? Neutral handling effects

? IIHS TSP+ (incl. GOOD SORB rating)
? 5* NCAP
? FMVSS Regulations

Quietist/Best Handling Minivan
? Structural Rigidity & Isolation
? Local Stiffness

? 8 Passenger Seating
? 2 nd Row Width
? 4x8 Plywood

? Current model & Pacifica manufactured on same line
? Minimize Downtime

? Protect Interior Space
? Common Body Structure

Load Path Optimization
? Critical activity for efficient use of material
? Optimized structure around key packaging hard points

Pacifica Minivan lost 250  pounds [113kg].
- Detroit Free Press C Sunday, March 20, 2016
At 4,315 pounds [1876kg], the new Pacifica is 250
pounds [113kg] lighter than the outgoing Chrysler Town &

Country and is the lightest minivan on the road

? 5-piece, multi material welded blank
? Eliminated insert and assembly operations
? Weight = 

Offensive Enablers
? Early engagement of body rail and chassis structure initiate
lateral movement away from barrier
? Integrated bumper and UHSS Load beam system

Defensive Enablers
? AHSS/UHSS-Reinforced Safety Cage
? TWB Press Hardened door ring
? Strategic flange conditions for welds in shear and compression loading

AHSS/UHSS Rear Rail Assembly
? Optimized rear rail topology and suspension design for improved load path continuity and suspension clearance
? Optimized lateral bending mode of DP590 Rear Rail for efficient energy absorption

UHSS Safety Cage
? Press Hardened, integral A-Plr and B-Plr reinforcements
? Press hardened roof bow and front header for load transfer
? Load achieved: >4.5 x GVW

Improved Body Bending Rigidity
? Continuous rail loadpaths
? Minimized upperbody breathing
? Strategic placement of modal nodes

Improved Body Bending Rigidity
? Reduced excitation of body structure to P/T, Chassis vibration inputs
? Improved ride and shake performance
? Advanced topology-based stiffness optimization techniques targeted strategic areas for modeshape improvement

Multi- - ring  body structure concept
? Continuous, multi-plane ring structure
? Bolt- - in FEM- - load beam braces
? Solid-mounted cradle for improved isolation, front end stiffness and vehicle dynamics

Its certainly the best minivan Ive driven, but it might be
better than a number of popular crossovers too.
James Derek Sapienza C Autos Cheat Sheet
The suite of safety features seamlessly picked up where my mirrors
and windows left off, and the big V6 moved the 4,350- - pound van well
enough to not leave me wanting for anything when accelerating for lane
changes and stop lights. James Derek  Sapienza C C Autos Cheat Sheet
Riding on an all- - new platform with 22 percent more high- -
strength steel and close to 130 meters of structural
adhesives thus boasting a 68 percent increase in
stiffness the Pacifica proved as solid as it did quiet. No
squeaks or rattles and minimal wind and road noise. C C
Ron Kino - - Motortrend

Slapping aggressive price tags on a minivan is one thing. Backing it
up with best- -n in- - class performance and functionality is another. With
Pacifica, Chrysler has successfully managed to do both. And it has
sculpted what is for all intents and purposes a box into a sleek, sexy
benchmark of style.  Ron Kino - - Motortrend
No, minivans aren't cool, but the 2017 Chrysler
Pacifica is  close C C Antuan Goodwin C C Road Show by
It also looks like a spaceship mated with a Ninja Turtle when
viewed from straight on. This kind of funky, kind of cool look
adds to the Pacifica's curb appeal, I think. .
Antuan Goodwin C C Road Show by CNET

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