Solution Technologies of Die Steels when Blanking & Forming AHSS Steels

2018-11-30 13:34:00

Outline of Presentation

? Hitachi Introduction: Tool Steel: ¡°How we make it¡±

? Issues facing tooling in AHSS applications & variables effecting Die Performance

? Suggestions to optimize tooling performance

? Tool Steel Options

?SLDi Tool Steel


?Windsor Punch & Slide

?Exova Impact

? Conclusions

Introduction of Hitachi Metals

Hitachi Manufacturing Process

Sheet Metal (Part Material) Trends

Advanced grade die materials are needed for forming AHSS.

Most ¡°Die Standards¡± have not kept up with trend

? Surface Coating advancements have greatly improved steel performances

Questions about the Stamping Die Application

? Part material

? Aluminum or Steel: What type & thickness?

? Press Size & Strokes per minute cycle

? Current Die Construction

? Castings? Inserts?

 Tooling steels used

? What coating?

? Die Clearance

? Heat Treating Recipe

? Welding (In House? Outsource? Consumable used?)

? Failure observations

? What's been tried so far?

What is SLDi Tool Steel ?

?SLDi is a Non ESR conventionally melted Cold Work Tool Steel exclusively made by HITACHI in Japan using Yasugi¡¯s proprietary methods of manufacturing.

? Translation: ¡°We melt , forge & roll this grade totally unique to any other tool steel grade we make¡±

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