Optimal Design Solutions for Two Side SORB using Bumper Design Space

2018-10-16 10:30:00

To study the IIHS 25% Small Overlap Rigid Barrier Impact (Driver and Passenger side) andLow Speed Performance of Baseline (Honda Accord Full Vehicle 2009) Model.

Extend the Bumper outboard and design a Load Path to achieve the SORB performance forboth Driver and Passenger side.

Optimize the Bumper Section using Meshworks shape parameterization to achieve lighterdesign meeting the performance.

To have alternative design with One Piece and Two Piece concepts meeting the targets.

Baseline design is not meeting the 25% offset performance on

1.Driver side at the Upper Hinge Pillar.

2.Passenger side not meeting the Upper Hinge Pillar and the Upper Dash.

Baseline meets the Low Speed Impact performance ensuring the protection ofadjacent subsystems.

Initial Load path assessment was performed with various Load path concepts like blocker inline with the SORB Barrier and angled connecting to the Rails.

Iterations concluded directionally that the Inline Blocker performing better for the SORB performance.

Angled blocker kinks the rails and not achieving the desirable energy absorption in the initial stage of the crash event.

Bumper extension engages the SORB Barrier and absorbs Energy in initial stage ofthe Crash event in both the Designs.


Intrusions in the upper hinge pillar and dash have reduced meeting the targets as per SORB performance.

Intrusions in the upper hinge pillar and dash have reduced meeting the targets as per SORB performance

Both One Piece and Two Piece designs have met the targets for the 25% SORB Performance on both Passenger and Driver side Impact..

Bumper Design change has improved the Vehicle overall Performance for the SORB and Low speed performance.

Bumper Design shape using Meshworks Parameterization has achieved Optimum Design within the given Design Space.

In addition to the Performance enhancement, the Optimization has also achieved mass savingas compared to the Design Space considered for Optimization.

Part count have reduced in the optimized designs.

Optimized Design has satisfied the Low speed impact criteria by protecting the adjacent subsystems like Hood, CRFM, Rails etc., without any damage.

Optimized Bumper Design meets the SORB performance for both Passenger and Driver side Performance.

The study concludes that the Bumper Design Space can provide a Design solution for meeting the SORB performance both on Driver and Passenger side.

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